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Dean Head


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Dean is now in pre-production to direct ©EARTH MOVERS, a kids adventure feature film where, “Determined Kids Battle Evil Aliens” to be shot in WA and also an Epic Movie about the the true life story of the last surviving WWII Chinese Flying Tiger pilot who was shot down, captured, imprisoned and tortured by the Japanese in WWII China.

Aged 8 began making home movies with his father on 8mm film. Father worked in British film industry with MGM & Associated British Pictures and taught Dean many “in camera tricks” which he still uses today.

At age 15 Dean knew what he wanted to do. Be a cameraman with STW Channel 9, Perth.

  • 1980 – 1987 ~ Aged 16 began career in the Nine TV Network of Australia as Trainee Cameraman. Seven years training in drama, entertainment & sports as cameraman.
  • 1987 – 1988 ~ Received a call from Colin Mullins, chairman of Marketforce, at the time Australia’s largest
    independent ad agency and offered a job with Editel, their TV commercials production unit.
  • 1989 – 1992 ~ Discovered & hired by Hong Kong company Mediavision, later purchased by HK billionaire Li Ka Shing and his son Richard Li which gave birth to Star TV. Dean helped build Star TV, Asia’s
    first satellite broadcaster.
  • 1991 ~ Attended Maine Int’l Film & Video School in the USA.
  • 1992 onwards opened own production company HEAD SHOTS based in Hong Kong filming Asia wide. Directed & shot TV shows, documentaries for Discovery & National Geographic, TV commercials, music videos, image / promo videos, anything of a positive promotional genre.
  • 1994 – Bestowed with the letters ACS after his name by his peers in the Australian Cinematographers Society.
  • 1993 onwards working on Hollywood blockbuster movies. As 2nd Unit Director of Photography Dean shot the HK scenes and arranged crew & equipment for Transfomers 4, Rush Hour II, Spy Game, Tomb Raider II, Double Impact, Nightwatch / Detonator plus worked on Batman – The Dark Knight. He also provides consulting, assistance and government liaison for those very-difficult-to-get camera location permissions such as skyscraper roof tops, special permissions for closer-than-usual helicopter positioning, obtained filming
    permission so actor Morgan Freeman could alight from a helicopter on Peninsula Hotel’s rooftop helipad,
    sourced the C130 airplane that flew down HK Harbour for Batman and many others too numerous to list.

Dean’s HK aerial footage has been purchased by Hollywood director Oliver Stone, Jackie Chan’s Rush Hour II, US TV shows and by one of Bollywood’s biggest Executive Producers Mukesh Bhatt.

Dean is lucky and thankful having had Oscar winning Director of Photography friends who happily shared “how scenes were shot”. John Seale ACS ASC, Sir Freddie Young BSC, Sir Freddie Francis BSC, Ossie Morris BSC, Bob Huke SOC. A dinner, a phone call or an e-mail and years of award winning experience
instantly shared with Dean so that the ‘knowledge’ is passed on to the next generation.

Dean gives passionate film talks to schools, universities, corporations & governments plus gave a TEDx talk.

Dean always has an intern on the crew ensuring that the ‘knowledge’ is passed on

The films he has made have won more than 60 int’l film festival awards.

Dean’s international Awards;


  • Best of show – New York Questar Awards
  • Gold – New York Questar Awards
  • Silver – New York Questar Awards
  • Bronze – Chicago Questar Awards

Cinematography awards;

  • Golden Tripod Award. Australian Cinematographers Society.
  • Two Gold ACS Awards. Australian Cinematographers Society.
  • Two Silver ACS Awards. Australian Cinematographers Society.
  • Two Highly Commended Certificates. Australian Cinematographers Society.
  • Silver Screen Award. US International Film & Video Awards, Chicago.
  • Two Certificates for Creative Excellence. US International Film Awards, Chicago.
  • Questar Award. Questar Film Festival, New York.
  • Highly Commended Certificate. US International Film & Video Awards, Chicago
  • Distinction Award for Cinematography. Australian Cinematographers Society.

Dean’s feature film credits are;

  • Transformers 4 – Age of Extinction. VFX DP plus local government liaison (HK)
  • Batman – The Dark Knight – local liaison
  • Tomb Raider II (Angelina Jolie) 2nd Unit DP & operator (HK)
  • Spy Game (Tony Scott – Director- Brad Pitt, Robert Redford) 2nd unit & Spacecam aerial DP (HK)
  • Rush Hour II (Jackie Chan) 2nd unit DP (HK).
  • Night Watch. (Pierce Brosnan) Additional photography unit DP, HK & Macau.
  • Double Impact. (Jean Claude Van Damme) 2nd unit operator Hong Kong.
  • Thunderstorm. (Wong Ho Yi) 1st unit operator, 2nd unit DP.
  • Good-bye Hong Kong. (David Yip) 1st unit operator & 2nd unit DP.
  • Bamboo in Winter. (Crystal Kwok) 2nd unit operator

Dean is now in pre-production to direct ©EARTH MOVERS, a kids adventure feature film where, “Determined Kids Battle Evil Aliens” and an Epic Movie about the last surviving WWII Chinese Flying Tiger pilot.