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Dion Gosling


International and Regional Sports & Recreational Facilities​
dwp appoints Dion Gosling as Global Design Director for Sports + Recreation

Exponential growth has seen dwp catapult, spurring the need for newly created roles

dwp | design worldwide partnership welcomes Dion Gosling to the newly created Design Director and Sector Leader role focused on Sports + Recreation facilities.

Meet ‘Third Place’ and what it means to 106 Architects, past and present.

A personal reflection of ‘life in-between’ through the lens of our Founder and Principal Architect, Dion Gosling.

What is the Third Place at the intersection of sport and community?

In traditional sport, we have marked edges, lines, and boundaries. These can be circular as well as straight or hard and can offer direction as well as containment. In design, we take edges and boundaries to present pathways, ideas, and vision ideals for people. For us, it is the meeting of people and the gentle collisions that can occur that interest us most.  The blurring of these traditional edges allows an opportunity to weave a much wider community, whether that is for various sports groups or the non-sporting community who are touched by adjacent activities and sites.