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Ivana Simkovic

dwp | design worldwide partnership

Sports facilities and business

“As an architect you have a responsibility towards the community and the development and transformation of people’s experience through your work.

Working on the design and actual build of The Eric Tweedale Stadium was creative and incredibly satisfying, but nothing compares to the sentiment I have felt when the doors were finally opened and the community met at the Stadium. This is incredibly rewarding.” Ivana Simkovic, dwp | design worldwide partnership

Eric Tweedale Stadium, Granville Park

The design of the Eric Tweedale Stadium is driven by the stadium’s connection to the local environment and history of the Cumberland Plains. Located within Granville Park, once a widely forested area, it’s form and materiality responds to the site’s heritage and creates a connection to its current sporting environment.

The Stadium includes a grandstand with change rooms, multipurpose room, first-floor function space, commercial kitchen and outdoor viewing deck. The glulam roof cantilevers over eight meters over the seating, creating a simple yet impactful and beautiful form that also gives historical reference to the forest that once dominated the site.

The use of a mass timber structure in the Stadium is the first use of glulam timber for this type of facility in Australia, representing an impressive achievement in timber engineering.

The New Age of Timber

Can mass timber constructions provide a low-carbon alternative to steel and concrete structures?

Timber is one of the world’s oldest building materials and has been valued for its raw beauty, versatility, and strength since ancient times. Today, it remains one of the most popular materials for architects and designers, used for everything from cladding to structural framing.

Over the past three decades, however, advancements in new types of innovative engineered timber products have revolutionised the way we use wood in construction.