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photo credit Frances Andrijich

Paula Hart

ASEAN Towers​

Arts & Culture Forum​

Paula occupies a unique position in the Western Australian arts community. She is an artist who has diversified her working life in several clear directions whilst maintaining a visual arts practice of the highest calibre. Her arts practice has embraced public art works, the Arts in Education sector, and participatory & community engagement.

Paula is extremely well travelled, and her eclectic artistic practice is born of an internationalist perspective. Always, she engages with these areas at an elite professional level with great dedication, intelligence, passion and characteristic good humour.

Paula has a long term working relationship with Dutch designer Joep Verhoeven and his design house Redfort Fabrics. Redfort deliver large scale and integrated architectural fabrics globally with their product Lace Fence.

Redfort is a company that believes in 21st Century craftsmanship for architecture.

The internationally acclaimed CODAawards celebrate the projects that most successfully integrate commissioned art into interior, architectural, or public spaces around the world. In 2020 the collaboration between Paula Hart and Redfort for Woolworths Mount Pleasant, Jacaranda Lace Fence achieved Top 5 in the People’s Choice Awards and WINNER in the Commercial category from nearly 500 entrants across 36 countries.

Global recognition from design luminaries was thrilling, however it was as the public vote tally extended beyond her social and professional networks that Paula got amazing insight into the impact of the Lace Fence. Through the shares and comments on social media from local residents, the wider arts community and then globally, she could see people in awe of the scale of this architectural fabric, her imagery of the birds among the blossoms and Redfort’s traditional lace stitches created in stainless steel. Local soccer moms and bus drivers commented how it brightened their day when driving past. Lace makers spoke of the craftsmanship and recognised the stitches. One young gamer enjoyed the Lace Fence so much that he submitted the artwork as a landmark location on Pokemon Go! For such a broad spectrum of audience to be so engaged and interested in this artwork was a great indication that it achieved the sense of identity, connection and delight Paula constantly strives for in her work. The same expectation for design excellence and innovation, human connection & delight that architects and developers seek from the inclusion of public art in their buildings.

This showcases the transformational nature of great public art. Paula’s work has taken a functional and utilitarian building and not only enhanced the design but given the local community an outstanding landmark and cultural reference. As we rediscover the value of handmade effects and elements in design and architecture, the inclusion of an intricately detailed, hand crafted artwork, such as Lace Fence, adds an emotional connection to where we live and work. Equally importantly, it has elevated the brand of the major tenant.

If you would like to sponsor the development of Paula Hart’s ASEAN Towers art installation at the WA-ASEAN Summit, please get click the button below to get in touch.