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Steve Carroll

The Unleashed Zone​

Regional Innovation Eco-Systems​

Stephen founded The Unleashed Zone to help business owners and innovators achieve greater success, more efficiently, from their innovation. 

Stephen has over 20 years of innovation experience, working with 1,000s of businesses in a diverse range of industries, from start-up innovators to large multi-national corporations, all exclusively involved with innovation. Stephen has been part of many innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives through mentoring and providing services to innovation awards, grants, programs, incubators and accelerators.

Prior to founding The Unleashed Zone Stephen was an R&D Tax specialist, culminating with the last eight years as the national lead partner for R&D Tax where he built a large national team with significant success and recognition in the industry as a leading R&D Tax team.

Stephen is passionate about helping people achieve their innovation dreams and love’s to see them obtain the rewards they deserve. The Unleashed Zone is how he makes this happen.